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Living in Nordbro

Nordbro is right where Nørrebro ends ... or begins. This is a bustling area but with quiet corners. A place to see and be seen. This is where you can concentrate on your studies and build bridges for life

Nordbro is Nørrebro to the core

Nordbro is right where Nørrebro ends ... or begins.

Nordbro is for anyone who wants to be seduced by Copenhagen or has always loved the colour and dynamism of Nørrebro. This is where you have the entire world right outside your door.

Nørrebro gets into your heart

Nordbro is a direct translation of Nørrebro, and is therefore a salute to a vivacious neighbourhood that can always inspire the rest of the city with its outlook, boldness and openness.

Nørrebro is growing in height because it's sustainable.

This 30-storey tower will contain an impressively large floor area with a relatively small footprint.By building upwards, we make more sustainable use of the urban area in line with the city's population growth.

Be a part of creating a brand new community

Nordbro is for anyone who wants to live their own life whilst taking part in a collective.

Nordbro offers the best of both worlds: You can live here alone, and study completely undisturbed.You have your own kitchen and bathroom, but with plenty of communal facilities right outside your door and access to fantastic roof gardens.

Nordbro is for anyone who wants to create and learn. For anyone who wants to talk, listen and act.

Nordbro is the place you choose because you want to learn. You will get to know yourself and take part in the creation of ideas and relationships together with others from all over the world. You can meet your peers, who will more than often be studying other subjects than yours.

Nordbro is for anyone who wants to build bridges.

Nordbro is for anyone who believes in social sustainability. It's where you can help make this an open, engaged part of the neighbourhood – bringing the residents of Mjølnerparken and users of Mimersparken into the neighbourhood collective.

Awesome architecture. A view for everyone

Copenhagen's highest publicly-accessible viewpoint

Nordbro's tower will be around 100 metres high. The 30th floor will become a new city feature, with its unique view over the entire city. It will be open to the public, to the delight of city residents and tourists alike.

Enjoy the sights and sounds of the city in a private roof garden with its own residents' house and bar

Nordbro consists of 6 blocks of between 6 and 7 floors, plus the stunning tower with 29 floors of apartments. The various blocks are linked by a green roof garden exclusively for residents at 1st floor level. Everyone has access from the roof garden to a residents' house with bar.

Nordbro's tower was designed by Arkitema Architects

"This will be the highest publicly-accessible viewpoint in the city, not to mention being a totally new landmark. That's why it was important to us that the whole complex is inviting. We don't want it to become an enclosed enclave, but something that will actually contribute to the unique character of Nørrebro," explains Dorthe Keis, a partner at Arkitema Architects.


Nordbro is much more than just studio apartments. It is community and diversity.

Nordbro's collective consists of studio apartments with their own kitchen and bathroom, plus family apartments of varying sizes.  The architecture creates green spaces between the blocks. Nordbro brings new, modern student accommodation, meeting places and apartments and multi-purpose apartments to Nørrebro.

Apply for a studio apartment

Prices range from 5,370 kr./mo. (+ utilities)

- Housing benefit-applicable

If you or your parents are customers of Danica Pension, you may be able to benefit from preferential rights. Don't forget to mention that your parents (or yourself) are Danica Pension customers in your application.

Apply here 

A collaboration with CIU.


Student and family apartments with fantastic facilities

Student and family apartments with fantastic facilities

Studio apartments from 5,370 kr./mo. (+ utilities)

When the buildings are complete in 2019, there will be a total of 510 dwellings in various sizes, from single room studio apartments to 3 and 4 room family apartments. Nordbro's apartments are designed for different needs. There's room for single students, university staff, doctoral students and young families. The larger apartments are also ideal for flat-sharing, e.g. for 2-3 students.

The first 91 apartments will be ready in January 2018

They will be let to students who are either entitled to student grants, apprentices or other students with at least one more year to go of their education, and who are under the age of 35 at the time of applying. Danica Pension customers are first in line for half of the 91 apartments, either the tenant or the tenant’s parents. To qualify for preferential right to an apartment, you must be a customer of Danica Pension contributing at least 25,000 kr. p.a. to your pension fund. To verify whether applicants are customers, UBSBOLIG A/S and Danica Pension exchange data.

What do you get with an apartment?

Each block contains between 44 and 57 apartments of different sizes, ranging from studios to 3 rooms, with a common room and kitchen at the focal point around the stairwell on each floor. All the apartments have a hall, bathroom, a small kitchen, broom cupboard and either a balcony or French balcony. They all qualify their occupants for housing benefit.

Who can live in Nordbro's tower?

The spectacular tower contains family and studio apartments. A foyer at ground level provides access to a communal laundry, bike parking and car parking. There is a common room with kitchen on the first floor, with direct access to the roof garden.

Communal green roof garden at 1st floor level.

The garden will act as a private courtyard – just on the 1st floor, where you can get to know your neighbours. It's envisaged as an extension of the apartments, where people can meet, relax and read in the sun, or take the kids out to play. It will be a lush, verdant landscape to be in, and will act as an exciting feature to look down on from the apartment blocks.


Nordbro is more than studio apartments, it's a vision

Nordbro is more than studio apartments, it's a vision

Sustainable return

When Danica Pension invests in studio apartments, it's to ensure that our customers receive returns on their savings. Our investments will also be financially and socially sustainable in the long-term.

Everyone can come and enjoy the view over the city

Part of the charm of Copenhagen is its slim towers and spires, and the Nordbro tower is destined to become a part of that characteristic skyline. Copenhagen's highest viewing platform with public access will be created on the 30th floor.

Nordbro will give outer Nørrebro a lift

The outskirts of Nørrebro are on a wave. Nordbro's studio apartments will contribute to the mix of local residents, will create stronger links to Mjølnerparken and bring more life to Mimersparken.More street life and shops will inevitably mean greater security for the residents of Nørrebro.

More young people taking an education will have a great place to live in Copenhagen.

Copenhagen is short of student accommodation, and demand is rising as more and more students come to study here. Nordbro provides quality homes for students and guest researchers, scientists and lecturers.

Sustainable urban development

The population of Copenhagen is set to rise by a further 100,000 by 2025. Nordbro's studio apartments will contribute to sustainable urban development by building new homes close to a traffic hub, making it quick and easy to use public transport.

Close to everything

Nordbro is close to all the major academic institutions of Copenhagen